Tip #1

Take a “walk” through the art gallery.

Before you start, increase the number of questions in the “Setting" screen to 10.

The photo of the Mona Lisa was taken with the frame off. It is a really special image. Have you ever noticed the scene behind the Mona Lisa before?

Ideas to get started:
"Let’s take a look through the art gallery"; 
 "What do you think about this style of art?"

Tip #2


Try a couple of people using the AmuseIT quiz alongside the person living with dementia.

Jack and Annabelle discussed the images and questions in AmuseIT that they knew their Mother would related to. This allowed their Mother, who is living with dementia, to join in the conversation without the pressure of initiating the discussion.

Tea cosy.JPG

Tip #3

Consider using AmuseIT in small groups. 

There can be lots of laughing! 

There is always someone who knows more about a topic than the others and as a result can bring people out who don’t normally engage.


Tip #4

Are your hands too shaky to use a tablet?

Try turn off the "Single tap answer", in the settings screen, to allow the users to change their answer before selecting the "Check my answer" button.

Tip #5

Use the Slide show mode if the user is finding the “Next question” button confusing

The slide show mode moves automatically to the next question after you have selected an answer.

With the slide show mode is turned off, it allows you to control when the next picture is displayed. This leaves more time for chatting. Just select the “Next question” button to continue with the quiz.